Run Fitting

Run Fitting is going to bring out your potential so that the running technique allows you to reach high running speeds with relatively low effort. Through a thorough diagnosis and elimination of Your weak points, in just 6 weeks you will run faster and (most importantly) without injuries.

Forget the injuries

Train effectively

Run faster

Get ahead of the competition


Examination for beginners

The subject of the examination is your motor skills, especially the running specifics. The whole examination is performed according to a proprietary program in our clinic and takes 60 minutes. The results will let you know how to exercise, run faster, run more efficiently and without causing yourself harm. During the examination you will discover:

  • if your running technique is correct
  • if you are prone to developing injuries(and where)
  • if the movement ranges in key joints are in norm
  • how your feet position themselves (pronation/supination/neutral)
  • which motoric traits hold your progress back
  • what exercises are recommended specifically for you to correct and improve the aforementioned points
Novel approach to beginners training

To begin one’s adventure with running comes with high likelihood of having movement restrictions which slow the progress down. Our program allows precise localization of every obstacle on your way to efficient and fast running.

Know what your actual potential is

We will determine the extend to which your body does not allow corrections of the technique and the speed of running. Results are presented as a percentage from 1% to 100%.

Results determine further actions

Through analysis of the results we will tailor a set of exercises and physiotherapeutic treatment just for you. Thanks to that you will eliminate all limitations quickly and effectively.

A detailed report to collect during a free training session

In seven days all analysis will be through. Our priority is that you have all the necessary tools to work on your constrains, thus we will give you the results during a free training session when you will also receive your personal set of exercises.

Be safe and train with our experts

If you are afraid of doing difficult exercises on your own we can help with that. Our experienced trainers and physiotherapists will tailor the training regime to your own needs and strengths. Find details regarding RUN TRAINING on a different tab or during the examination.



You are only as strong as your weakest link

The RUN FITTING examination is the first step to achieving your goals!