Perfect benefit for running groups in your company

Run Fitting is an original program designed by our physiotherapists with runners and triathletes in mind to help improve their technique and speed. Support your employees in their self-improvement quest and help them realize new aims and opportunities.

Ensure safety and minimize injury probability for your employees

Not only do we determine the potential and individual ability regarding one’s motor skills and running specificity but we also point to the correct technique and show how to prepare for the training so to avoid injuries and pains.

Run Fitting helps beginners start their adventure

To begin a running adventure with pre-existing motor restrictions might slow down the progress. The examination allows to precisely localize those restrictions which would create obstacles on your way to effective and efficient running.

Your employees will know whether they are running healthily and correctly

A thorough analysis will help our physiotherapist determine if your technique is correct. At this stage we work to eliminate factors contributing to increased risk of overloading or developing pain symptoms.

Examination at your location

You are always welcome at our clinic in the center of Warsaw, if needed however, we can run the tests in your office. Contact us to get the details and arrange the date, we will come to your place.

Include RUN FITTING in your benefit program

Help your employees expand in their passions and derive pleasure from safe and conscious running.



Perfect benefit for your employees

Choosing the corporate offer you give your employees the opportunity for both physical and mental development in the area of running. Your gains after the examination: realization of your mistakes while we reveal all the weak points in your running technique, a thorough risk assessment of the possibility of injury and access to expert training necessary for improvement.

Perfect benefit for runners’ groups

Does not distract from work

Cost efficient – you only pay for performed tests

Stand out on the market and offer your employees innovative benefit

Examinations take place on the grounds of Warsaw

Possibility of conducting tests in the client’s office

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