• We will tell you what to do to run faster!


    You will receive a thorough analysis of your body along with a set of exercises

Prepared with runners and triathletes in mind

Helps explore and eliminate weaknesses

Project created only by specialists

RUN FITTING examination allows you to participate in RUN TRAINING


RUN FITTING examination has been designed by our team of experts in many fields: physiotherapists, running trainers, personal trainers and professional runners. Together we have broken down running into its prime factors and we long to see how Your body realizes the requirements of this discipline. The end result of our testing is a thorough report which precisely localizes areas in your body contributing to slowing down the progress and developing injuries.



Functional testing


Motor training and running physiotherapy based on the test results

The examination localizes restrictions which we will work on to run faster

Waste no time on injuries and stagnation! Come to us for the recipe for success!

Know what slows you down and causes injuries

We have a plan! Based on the test results we will tailor you a personalized motor training


RUN FITTING opens great possibilities for more effective action directed at fast and efficient running. You can join the RUN TRAINING program, which we will customize it to your individual needs, and start the fight against your limitations TODAY.

Dexterity and technique

Walking and running are the most basic and natural motor functions. While walking is unavoidable running seems to be becoming a forgotten art, based on our sedentary lifestyle. Let us check if the progress of civilization isn’t a regress in your ability to move.

Your potential

RUN FITTING test will determine your running potential and express it as a percentage with regard to 4 separate areas. Thanks to it you will have a clear picture of which elements require the most immediate work in order to impact the running economy the most.

Through the eye of a physiotherapist

RUN FITTING examination is led by an experienced physiotherapist who works with runners of all kinds daily. Regardless of your ability the test looks the same as there is only one ideal which we strive for! The difference is in the training plan which we commit to on our way to perfection.

Examination + video-analysis

Wanting to run properly, one needs to fulfil certain criteria of mobility, stability and body awareness. The goal of the examination is to check which fields require the most attention and inform about possible consequences if you neglect it.

Carefully selected set of exercises

After the examination and going through the results you are invited to our gym for a 30-minute training. There the motor trainer presents a specialized training routine which helps prepare your body for running.

Train with us

If you are interested in quick results subscribe to the RUN TRAINING offer and develop under the watchful eyes of our team. Our knowledge and your commitment will guarantee success.

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