Training regime planned out according to RUN FITTING results

Constant cooperation with both trainer and physiotherapist

Eliminate your weak points! Success guaranteed!

We know how to make you improve


RUN TRINING program draws from the RUN FITTING examination. Training plan is designed with your needs in mind which guarantees the right changes in your body regarding motor skills. Constant cooperation between you, the trainer and the physiotherapist allows us to choose methods most fit for you to train and regenerate so you can reach intended results quicker and with no risk of overloading your motor system.

Analysis of the RUN FITTING examination results

Designing your personal training regime

Execution of the program under your trainer and physiotherapist’s watch

Created with runners and triathletes in mind

Helps explore and eliminate weaknesses

Project created by physiotherapists, trainers and runners

allows you to participate in


Our training will fit you up

It means it will bring your body closer to the runner’s perfection. There are many factors contributing to the effectiveness of the driving movement like join mobility, the strength of your stabilizing muscles or body awareness. The knowledge of your restrictions will help us eliminate them which will directly impact your technique and speed.

Personal training plan

Our collective goal is your progress! With your needs in mind, we carefully select exercises to get rid of your weak points. Training designed just for you will prepare you for the most effective and optimal work for any running distance.

Under your trainer and physiotherapist’s care

RUN TRAINING combines personal training with therapeutic care ensuring best effects through the selection of training methods and manual techniques. We approach every runner’s case holistically and offer professional service.


Our cooperation begins with a thorough analysis of your organism, that’s RUN FITTING. This original testing protocol and interview are key parts to create the foundation for all next steps, those being: planning your training and necessary physiotherapeutic procedures.

A good plan is the basis of great success

Our actions are fully personalized and directed at your goals, everything depends on the results of RUN FITTING and factors like: the season, history of injuries, age, gender and needs specific to you. The process is adjusted along the way based on control tests which are carefully reviewed by our team of trainers and therapists.



Choose the preferred type of training

  • Personal training

  • Two on one

  • Group training


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